CEC’s Bilingual Magazine Project

Thứ sáu - 07/09/2012 06:26
Club’s Bilingual Magazine is an extremely great idea generated by Mr. Phung Huy and CEC first generation.

The first sweet fruit of all CEC members’ endeavor was a magazine named “The Secret of Mother”. I was tremendously impressed by it. The first product successfully revealed many things regarding to the club. Teachers loved it, club members loved it, and students loved it,too. However, because of lack of time and human resource, the project was delayed for such a long time that we all thought that it was impossible to commence it again.

Nevertheless, with very energetic, enthusiastic and active members this term, CEC sets the goal of making the next version of the magazine which would play the role of a bridge among Faculty students and teachers as well. Right after the final decision was driven, all members started diving tasks and making their best contribution to the launching of the project.

At this moment, the editorial group is working hard on selecting, and editing all the writings needed for the magazine. As a president of the club as well as the person who always wants to run this project, I am extremely happy to see them working hard on the magazine.

Even though there still come many challenges, I strongly believe that they can drive this project precisely to the goal we all dream about since they are among the best soldiers of the club I have ever known.

Come on, my companions! I know that you can do it even very well! I am very proud of you and I am always looking forward to seeing your success!

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