A Great Women Day 20-10 for all CECers!

Chủ nhật - 21/10/2012 07:39
Today is such a great day to all of CECers! We are really delightful with a lot of smiles of happiness.
A Great Women Day 20-10 for all CECers!

At first, Miss. Ngan asked all members to create two circles. Then, two opposite people talk to each other. They share about their background as well as some difficulties they have when learning at the university. This made the atmosphere exciting, which can break the far distances between old members and new members as well as members at CEC and members at EEG. It was so funny in my mind because after changing some steps, I talked to Miss. Hoang Huong, who is my close friend. We often shared everything with each other in English; therefore, this rare chance seemed to make us closer in English. And it opened my eyes that I will practice English to her more and more often.

The second, we really can’t forget the real topic part of the off-line meeting today. It is our honor to see Mr. Thanh and his friend coming from EEG English Club again. Surprisingly, they held a very crazy English day for all of us. As what happened,  we saw that they carefully prepared many hand-outs including of many close but meaningful sentences like:

-Don’t care about pronunciation as well as grammar when speaking English!


-Practising makes perfect!

During this part, Mr. Thanh and his friends always tried to use body language as much as possible. They shouted so loud and energetically. Moreover, they jumped and persuaded people to use many actions, which can be described y one word: “crazy”. Everything they did was to make us feel happy and comfortable when speaking English. It means everybody should be confident instead of being afraid of making mistakes in grammar or pronunciation when speaking. I don’t know exactly how people felt, but I felt so cool. Everybody both shouted loud and laughed together.

A part from two those parts, we joined in a singing song. Because today was “women’ day” in Vietnam, we decided to sing all songs telling about “mother”. Both of two groups desired to be the winners, all tried to think, sing and dance. After all, we didn’t pay much attention in the final results because this singing game really didn’t have a real destination. The most important we were looking for is to bring a pleasant space to all CECers.

Although I am at my small room now, I remembered the meeting today so much. I like the bright outside space CEC built for all members. Futhermore, I am really impressed by Mr. Thanh and his kind friends.


Thank you Mr. Thanh and your friend for your friendliness, kindness! You were successful to give a big inspiration to us!

Best wishes for all CEC girls, who contributed to build and develop CEC day by day!

October 20th , 2012

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