A Trip To The Ethnic Museum

Chủ nhật - 16/09/2012 06:38
Yesterday, our club did have a memorable filed trip to the Ethnic Museum in the city center. It is the pleasure of all board of leaders that everyone enjoyed the trip so much.
Ngân Trần
Ngân Trần

To begin with, we spent more than one hour on visiting all the displaying rooms of the museum. Everyone was really eager to introduce all things to Ms Brown even though they had never visited it before. One by one, all items in the Museum were exploited. Unfortunately, sine we did not have enough time, we left one room without visiting. When going out, we took some photos together in front of the Museum’s main entrance.

Then, we all joined the “Find the Treasure” game hold by Minh and some other members. All of us were divided into two teams which were Red team and Green team. Everyone had to stick a colorful paper corresponding with the color of the team on the wrist.One leader of each team was also appointed, and he was given the hint of the first location. Then, all members needed to discuss and tried to find out the hint for the next location.

After the first game, we moved on to the second one carried out by Ms. Brown. The game was “Fifty Questions”. There were still the Red and Green team competing each other. Ms. Brown gave each team name of one item in the Museum that she took notes already. Both two teams had to raise “Yes/No” questions to guess that thing, and which team could have the answer with fewer question would be the winners. It is obvious that they all loved playing the game.

After all, we spent the rest time having a small party together. Since that was Ms. Brown birthday, the club prepared a birthday cake for her. Right after everyone had his or her own seat, Ms. Brown as honorably asked to close her eyes. Then Ms Yen brought the cake out, everyone clapped hands and said “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”. When she opened her eyes, she was so surprised! We all could see how happy she was. Then, some persons sang songs for her.

When the trip ended, we rode bicycles together with Ms. Brown to her dorm and finished a happy day in the Museum!

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