CEC – A Lovely Name in my Heart

Thứ sáu - 12/10/2012 07:24
When I am writing these lines, I am missing my stories in the past.
I was very happy when I had good friends and many people liked me. Until now, I still realize that I am the lucky girl. However, during that happy time, I felt that I was not satisfactory with my life. It was quite boring and many things repeat in my life: I just went to school in the morning and only stayed at my room after the lessons. Sometimes, I went out with my friends. That was all.
CEC – A Lovely Name in my Heart

However, at that time, I always wanted to change in my mind. I am the kind of girl who wants to raise the happiness of people. I want to see the smile of other people. I also want to do many things to help people and want to become dynamic. At first, I was bored with my change because after all my effort, the result I received was not progressive. When I was disappointed with myself, I meet Mr. Huy by chance. I remembered that I asked him that “ is it too late to begin for my change?”. And he only said: “ Nothing is too late. Let start now”. His words made me become confident in myself. Moreover, it was also him that sent me the e- mail to inform about the interviews of CEC club. The purpose of this interview was to choose hard members to support for CEC club. That day started my big change.

I found my way to go. I realized my strength as well as my weakness. Although many difficulties are happening because of changing the leader group, CEC is growing up day by day. The number of hard members is also increasing. In addition, new members are very young and enthusiastic. Thanks to CEC club, I become mature. I have a chance to make friends and I also love all of them. I find that I also have many hidden talents. I can write the drama, perform the play, sing a song and so on. However, the most important thing I realize is that I find my confidence in myself again. I find my enthusiasm that I have lost when I enter the university door. With my troubles now, I believe that I can do and solve them suitably. I become calmer and find my passion in learning English.

Although there is only two months later that I will finish my study at the university, I still want to take part in more many activities of CEC club. For me, CEC is now the lovely name in my heart. Whenever people say about CEC club, there is a picture appearing on my mind. The picture about the family of CEC club: Mr. Huy (the father of our club) and all lovely children (all sweet members in CEC).

The last line I would like to say : “CEC – I love you and I proud of you”

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