CEC – Creative, Innovative and Dare to Lead

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Being a part of a team or a community, it is very important to identify the similarities among its members. Community English Club is a team in some ways, and a community itself to some extent. People do have a lot in commons to pursuit the mission: sharing knowledge, connecting community. In this post, I am going to describe three typical characteristics which CECers share over the time.
CEC – Creative, Innovative and Dare to Lead

irst, CEC members can be easily recognized as creative persons who are full of ideas and energy to try out new approaches to things they do. They always come up with great programs for other students and people around. TRI TUE NGOAI NGU is a good example in which students from different majors are encouraged to take part in the knowledge quest. In spite of limitations on facilities and resources, CECers always came up with effective solutions for the program. Without a glory stage, furniture is put together and it is decorated with colorful papers and banners. Interestingly, the Golden Bell was made use of by a fish catching tool and golden paper.

A fish-catching Tool and the Golden Bell

Creativity is not only presented in stuffs/activities CECers do/take, but also is integrated through other parts of language learning in different meetups. Each meeting is a new surprise from CEC members. That may be a language game or an English song and a play/comedy. Taking dramas for example, CECers are creative in brainstorming ideas and performing actions on the stage. In the Moon Festival 2012, a comedy “Save the Moon” tells us much about that.

Secondly, CEC symbolizes an innovation. Constant and Continuous Improvement (CCI –Kaizen) is always encouraged and practiced throughout CEC activities. CECers are committed to learning a new thing and improving themselves  each day. That is why we have great members and effective programs. The innovative spirit is put into collaborative tasks and the professional manner of working. CECers utilize all the updated learning tools for sharing and connecting. Facebook which used to be a fun tool now become a important channel of communication. CECers also make use of free applications by google to collaborate, that is, using google docs for the mini survey and simple online registration…

Thirdly, CEC are  those who dare to lead. With a couple of ideas in mind, they attempt to realize them. After that, they are willing to share with others, CEC can be seen a a model for many groups in using social media in connecting people. CECers have great ideas and make them come true, then share the lessons from doing …. that is true leadership…

There may be a lot to say, but I want to empower CECers in this stuff. Thinking of CECers, I can see creativity, innovation, and more important, leadership. Hopefully, different generations will continue to keep the flame and maintain their professional manner….

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