CEC Outdoor Meetup #1 (AY2014-2015)

Thứ ba - 02/09/2014 09:06
Summer vacation has come and passed so fast. August is the time when students all over Viet Nam leave the days off behind and start a new school year. Community English Club (CEC) also comes back with the new plans, activities, hope and soul this semester.
CEC Outdoor Meetup #1 (AY2014-2015)

On Saturday morning August 23rd, 2014. CEC organized the first outdoor Meetup with the fun and interesting activities. Beneath the sunshine, CECers had great time enjoying the Meetup together after a long summer.

After greeting each other and talking about the summer, CECers took part in a role-play activity. The topics about common situations in real life were given and CECers had to work in pairs to create their own communicative situations to make a short play. This activity helped CECers not only practice speaking skill and acting skill but also develop their creativity of spoken language and performing. It was really fascinating and exciting.

CEC's Role-play activity

What was more? A teambuilding game name “True or false” required CECers to work in groups and use their knowledge to win the race. Many different questions in many different fields did not seem to be tough to prevent the teams from reaching the destination. According to CEC’s slogan “Sharing knowledge, connecting community”, CEC always encourage the members to learn together and share useful knowledge at the same time.

Team-building game

At the end of the Meetup, CEC Board and CECers discussed about the coming-up activities in September. The first Talkshow in this term: “Life in Japan” and other interesting activities are coming soon. Keep going CEC!!!

CEC Meetup

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