CEC TalkShow #3- More than Expected!

Thứ ba - 16/10/2012 07:28
Despite being a newly established program, CEC Talkshow has been strongly proving that it is among the leading activities of CEC. Last Saturday afternoon at Military School, CEC successfully held CEC TalkShow #3 with Ms. Dang Quynh Tram – A experienced lecturer of Foreign Languages Faculty. With her broad knowledge about many aspects, Ms. Tram chose the topic: “Cultural Values of Vietnam in Comparison with Western Ones“. Her talk gave all of us a new point of view about the traditional cultural values. Apart from Ms. Tram’s presentation, CEC also had several other activities.
CEC TalkShow #3- More than Expected!

The meeting was commenced with a game of Ms. Ngan. It was  simple but very useful for all students to improve their vocabulary. Thanks to Ms. Ngan’s game, we could broaden our knowledge and had more opportunities to show off our abilities. I’m sure that after the meeting, some of our members will know  more new words.

The second and most important part of our meeting was Ms. Tram’s talk. This was supposed to be the part that all members were waiting for with all their enthusiasms. Eventually, Ms. Tram did surprise us!  She gave us an absolutely new view about the old thing: “Culture”. With her experience about her life, she shared  with us the beauty of our culture. Still, I remembered what she told us: “when we learn a language, we absorb a culture. Every culture has its own beauty and differences. Therefore, what can we do to keep our own values beside leaning new things from a new culture? What can we do to avoid being an American?” These words were funny but meaningful to me. Ms. Tram talked to us slowly to make sure that every one could keep pace and deeply understand. Her presentation was very impressive. Million thanks to Ms. Tram and your meaningful presentation!

After Ms. Tram’s presentation, Ms. Linh- CEC vice president showed us her first video. It was made to report about CEC’s recent activities. With the messages in the video, CECers found themselves with the same emotions. Ms. Linh’s video reminded us of the old memory: when we celebrated the mid- autumn festival for students of Tan Lap primary school, off- line meetings, etc. From the point of view of CECers, I found myself so proud of our club and what we did!

Lastly, the most important event of the month: CEC Bi-Zine #2 was published! In the TalkShow, Ms. Huong Bui and I  had a chance to report briefly about the magazine. It was a big honor for all of us! Ms. Huong made a report about writing and I talked about designing issues. Holding on my hand CEC Bi-Zine, I could not express all my feelings. Happy, proud, … I’m sure that Ms. Huong has the same feelings with me when reporting about writing issues.

After all, CEC Talk SHow #3 was far successful than we expected. These are some photos of our activities in TalkShow #3.  See you very soon!


The Guest Speaker: Ms. Dang Quynh Tram, Head of the International Relation Office at School of Foreign Languages, TNU


Mr. Pham Hung Thuyen, former president of CEC presented the Certificate of Appreciation to the Guest Speaker



 Here comes the new CEC Bi-Zine!

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