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Thứ sáu - 12/10/2012 07:21
It could be said that of all English skills, writing is the one that not many people are interested in. To a certain extent, writing is rather boring and it requires the high accuracy of language usage. It is a big dilemma for all non- native learners, and mistakes in writing are unavoidable. It is believed that mistakes are the crucial factor leading to the sense of shyness when writing something. Readers will look at our words carefully, and if there is any words or structures used inappropriately, they can judge us.
Ngân Trần
Ngân Trần

However, to our life, writing is really meaningful. It is a magic that we can express our thoughts just through words or codes. In some cases, words can be the best choice to reveal things that we are not brave enough to say directly. Also, they can help us to heal  broken relationships or to connect with others. Writing also makes a great contribution to polish our thoughts. When we write something, we have to select words carefully so as to create the most effective meanings and build powerful sentences.

When I was first year and second year student, I was really afraid of writing since I was not confident enough in my grammar or vocabulary. Only when my teachers assigned me to write something did I do this work. Other than assignment, I had no purpose or motivation to write. I was also afraid that others would criticize my writing and point our my mistakes.

Nevertheless, I changed so much since I took part in Community English Club. Now, I know that to write and write is the only way helping me better in this skill. If we are afraid of mistakes, we can learn nothing. The best learner is the one who learns from mistakes. There is no doubt that if someone points out our mistakes, we will remember them forever. Moreover, I have great motivation to write that is to share with other people. Each time we share something is each time we remember it deeply. If all people have good habit or sharing, the life will be certainly meaningful. All walks of life will be full of knowledge and love. Otherwise, It is widespread trusted that what one knows is just as small as a drop in a vast ocean, However, if everyone shares that drop, we can make up a huge ocean, too.

The only think that I always remind myself is that no one and nothing can be perfect, especially to English learners. No non-native speaker can speak or write without mistake at all. We can be a master of writing if we change our attitude toward this field. Being afraid of making mistakes only buries us in the mud of inferiority

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