Ms. Quynh Tram’s Great Presentation at CEC TalkShow

Thứ ba - 16/10/2012 07:33
And I did not have any chances to feel upset about my decision to accept my friend’s invitation to CEC Talkshow.
Ms. Quynh Tram’s Great Presentation at CEC TalkShow

-“Hey, Huong! CEC will have a TalkShow on this Saturday! Would you attend?”; said one of my friends!

-TalkShow? Could you tell me what the topic is? Will it be interesting enough to impress such a strict person like me?

-Oh! Don’t worry! The topic is “Culture”! I am sure you ‘ll enjoy this!

-OK! Let’s attend that TalkShow!

And I did not have any chances to feel upset about my decision to accept my friend’s invitation to CEC Talkshow. That was among my greatest memories  when having chance to listen to Ms. Quynh Tram’s talk. With an enthusiastic spirit, she took us to America so as to make us more knowledgable about American culture. Besides, she made anextremely clear comparison between Vietnamese and American cultures. Thanks to her explanation, we could understand deeply about the culture that we always desire to assess! However, how far she took us to, she made a conclusion that: “Since we are all Vietnamese civilians, we should be proud of the motherland’s cultural value! We should also preserve and develop it instead of imitating that of others!”

Apart from helping students distinguish the differences between Vietnamese and American culture, she told us her memorable experience when living in Ha Noi, Viet Nam and in Holland. To her mind, those were special instances showing us about the difficulties when integrating and adapting with new conditions and culture in the new lands. I remember she told us that the first month she spent at Holland was very terrible because of the strange foods. However, she did not surrender easily but strongly got over that temporary difficulty. All those sharing seemed to stimulate us to arouse a desire of going oversea! We really want to discover that experience.

All depicted a perfect picture about a friendly lecturer of my school! She was also really great when giving  real comments about our club. I remember she said: “I have known CEC for many years since it was first founded, but only on document, not actual activity like this. However, attending CEC Talkshow today as well as looking at all things that you have done, I am proud of you. I am strongly impressed! It was so great to organize such an interesting program like this. So that, students in our school can both learn and develop more!”. In addition, she also gave  meaningful advice to CEC. For example, she said: “Ngan, you are better now! I can see that you are more confident than the first time I met you 2 years ago. Now you can stand here, in front of many people, to not only inform but also to share anything! Nevertheless, try to give more chances to other members! Besides, CEC should carry out a project named “English Camp in which students can use English actively and effectively!” Those were sincere emotions existing in her nice speech and her words did prove that CEC has been going on in the right direction! And maybe CEC has really actracted the attention of many teachers as well as real educators!

It has been several days since Miss. Tram appeared as an honor guest of CEC. After all, I was really inspired by her great sharing and I hope that in the future, she will care more about our club and give us meaningful advice.

CEC TalkShow with Ms. Quynh Tram

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