My thinking after English Festival at Industrial University

Chủ nhật - 04/11/2012 06:44
After coming back my room from English Festival at Industrial University, some ideas have already stuck in my mind and this makes me want to write something to share about my feelings.

English Festival have  made  me remember about my dream when I was at secondary school. At that time, I was interested in studying English. Everyday, I always hoped that I would see my English teacher and learn her lessons. Each her lesson is a new thing to me because her teaching is really interesting and it makes me appealed. However, it seemed to be a scare for other my friends in my class because they did not know any things about English, about grammar, about vocabulary, about the structure and etc. They said that: Studying English is very difficult ?”. Is that true about their idea?

For me, many times we have the same idea with them though we are student of faculty of foreign language. When? Let ‘s try to remember! I remembered that I said this sentence when I was hopeless in improving all my English skill including listening, speaking, reading and writing. Or simply, I was shocked at teaching method when I learnt at university in my first year student. Many exercises, many assignment and many books had to be completed and read. Moreover, I realized things I had learnt from secondary school and high school was nothing. All my skills are not  good, especially my pronunciation which is a part I do not care much. Therefore, I am not confident in my studying English step by step. I seem to be lost in studying English.

Many people said to me that: ” You are very excellent! You learn English, so you will earn much money”.However, it is the fact that I am not confident that I can earn much money because it seems to become more difficult when we continue to discover any subjects deeply. Moreover, I feel that things I have received is nothing because it is not like  a system of knowledge from high school, the knowledge from university is very large and it requires many students to have to be very patient with their dream. Otherwise, it will be very easy for you to be bored or disappointed.

Last but not least , those things we have mentioned above does not mean that we only complaint, we need to find a way to improve our weakness. Let ‘see other teams today and think! They are   not students from foreign languages, but they love English and they speak English quite well and naturally. Why can they do? Because they are confident in themselves, they learn from small things such as from “how to pronounce correctly a word?”, then they move ” how to speak a sentence with intonation? ” and so on. Moreover  the most important thing is that they are not afraid of making mistakes Gradually, they can speak English as a tool for their communication.

To end with my writing, I would like to cite an idea of a student from Industrial University:

“I love English, and I want to be a speaker. My dream is that I can travel all over the world and share about “how to study English better?”. I am very interested in teaching English method.”

One student from Industrial University can become a trainer of English. Why can’t we become? Be confident in your ability. Dream on! And your dream will become true!

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