The 10th SFL's Anniversary

Chủ nhật - 31/12/2017 02:06
CEC old and new generations reunion
CEC old and new generations reunion
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On December 31st, The 10th SFL's Anniversary celebration was organized successfully with a bunch of meaningful activities. As two official academic clubs of English Department - SFL, CEC and Bookworm's Corner had the honor of being a part of the event to construct and create a tremendously outstanding camp. In order to make the camp gorgeous, BW and CEC-ers had to attempt to deal with the drizzling weather. However, in spite of coming up against difficulties, we still valued the moments of being together and creating the beautiful things to contribute to the success of the celebration. In short, Happy 10th SFL's Anniversary. CEC members would love to send the warmest thanks to SFL - TNU and our dearest teachers for devoting and teaching us. Thanks to CEC members, BW members for spending your time to make our such a unique camp.
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Mrs. Sue & Mrs. Linh 
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Mr. Bill and CEC members
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CEC Boards smiling so bright
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Next top model posing style
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Hand-drew picture from CEC members
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Love story started in CEC & BW Camp
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The most adorable baby in the world named 'Dâu'
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Check-in zone
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CEC & BW Camp

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