The Attractiveness of CEC!

Thứ bảy - 22/09/2012 06:43
“So great! So funny! So impressing! , said Miss. Thu Hien. Maybe this is really a good comment to the second “talk show” of CEC. Everyone was so interested in the talk show on September, 22nd that they immediately shared their excited status on facebook after the meeting.
The Attractiveness of CEC!

At first, it was CEC’s pleasure that we had 4 honor guests today. Who are they, do you know? Ya, They are Miss. Michell from Oregon USA, Mr. Phung Huy-our big father, and two guests from EEG English Club. Besides, there was the appearance of not only CEC members but also free members from Faculty of foreign languages.

If anyone ask me: “which part of the meeting today you are most interested in?”, I will be very confused because all parts were so great.

Miss. Michell did a good job on her presentation. Thanks to her clear preparation and careful expression, we were provided with a lot of useful information about Fulbright scholarships for Vietnamese students. For instance, we have to get IELTS 6,5, have at least 2-year-experience and 1-year-at university in order to apply for this prestigious scholarship. Besides, in the interview, you need express more about the reason why you dream of learning in America or what you want to do in America. During her presentation, we were really strongly insprired from her enthusiasm and her love for us. Although we did not ask her many questions after she she finished her job, we were grateful of her so much!

Miss. Hai yen also brought to us a big gift. She was always humorous and impressed. Nobody could stop to keep themselves from involving in her presentation. She gave to us many skills to do a perfect presentation.  For instance, we should use only 2 fonts, 7 words in a sentence and 5-6 sentences in a slide.  Or we need use body language when speaking because it will make our expression better and more impressing. Generally, she did a very good job. She must have been learnt and practiced so hard so as to get good achievement like that.

After all, CEC successfully organize the talkshow. It was really “inspiring talk”, which is suitable with the aim of CEC-sharing knowledge, connecting community.  Everything happening on the second talk show of CEC illustrated that “CEC talk show is a valuable project”.

But the meeting was not only successful by the talk show, the attraction of 2 games held by Miss. Minh and Miss. Huong contributed to that success. How funny and meaningful 2 games were! Miss Minh warmed up the atmosphere before the talk show by her intelligent game-password. Everyone tried to guess the answers and we laughed happily because of funny words like “vampire”, “sleeping fills”, “elephant glue” or “front teeth”.  Such easy words but not all of us could answer! How amazed we felt when hearing the answers. Besides, Miss Huong also held a great game-“guessing the name of songs”. So funny it was, we gained the chance of saying the name of the songs. We fight to “BUM”, “BUM”, “BUM” strongly on the table. Miss. Minh’s hands turned into red after joining the game. More specially, Mr. Thach was a talented and emotional singer of the song :”My heart will go on”. We raised our hands together the sweet melody. We also “clapped our hands”, “stomp our feet”, “turned around” or said “we are” together.

In conclusion, the meeting on September, 22nd put a strong impression in our mind. We could learn more from Miss. Michell-not only from her presentation, but also from her spirit and the profession in doing her job. We were able to be proud of Miss. Yen because of her achievement and contribution to CEC.  Moreover, we had a chance to see Mr. Phung Huy. He was always humorous like a teenager, not too serious as a married man having a great wife and a lovely baby.

And the most important, we love each other more. The distance between us was limited!

And that is the reason why “we are CEC-sharing knowledge and connecting community”.

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