The board of CEC (Part 2)-Miss Hai Yen

Thứ năm - 20/12/2012 07:19
My fingers today are about to describe one of two vice-president of CEC. She is Tran Hai Yen!
The board of CEC (Part 2)-Miss Hai Yen


ImageMiss Yen was also born in Thai Nguyen Province in 1992. She is now the final year student at Thai Nguyen Faculty of Foreign Languages. Her major is English Education.

Her interests are education, IT, designing and presentation. It is perfectly correct that she is all good at all those things.

For those who wants to understand her more, she is a very talented but friendly person. About her study, there is no double about her great results at university because she always get many scholarships for the excellent students.

In this year, she was chosen to be one of 5 most excellent students of my university attending Olympic English at Hung Vuong University.


In daily life, although she is the vice-president of CEC, her clothing-style is very simple. Generally, she is quite a quiet person who seldoms speak too much. However, speaking a liitle doesn’t mean she is not easy-going. Conretely, she is always generous and humorous. A big smile always brightly blossom anytime she meets CECers. That is the reason why I often call her “Miss. Chaplin”.

She is firstly remembered because of her dance style. She can dance very well. In addition, we really admire her great abilities in IT, designing and presentation, which most of language students are always afraid of. Firstly, her designing ability is expressed all in all slides, powerpoint she made in some her presentations. Her designing style is simple but strong, impressing and meaningful.

In this year, she was the Chief Design Officer of the CEC Bi-Zine of CEC.


And it has been said that she did a very good job. Looking at the magazine, opening one-by-one page, the readers are strongly impressed with her designing style. That is such a simple style but it is great enough to hightlight the deep meaning of each product.

She is also leading CECer to make a clip about Thai Nguyen Resource Centre at this time despite her busy study.

Besides, she is admired because of her great ability in presentation. We are so lucky to attend some offline meetings of CEC and enjoy her great presentations. That is a perfect combination between the professional language, natural body language, professinal power point and her bright soul expressed deeply through each speeches.

At the second English festival at TNUT 2 last months, on behalf of CEC, she made a very fantastic presentation on a quite interesting topic: “Theory and practical experience”.


Her impressing ability attracted much applause from both the judges and the audiences. I was sitting on the chair line of audience at the time she was making a presentation and I remember that many audiences from TNUT said that:

“Wow! Interesting! Such a professional presentation from speeches to body language of a language student.”


 “Oh! So surprised! I admire her so much!”

But I think the most important she did was to bring a big happiness to audiences. They weren’t wrong to spend time listening to her. Moreover, they could learn many many things from her. And their love for English seems bigger and bigger.

Generally, it takes my view that she has brought a new trend to language students at IT, designing and presentation.

Her great efforts are a big encouragement to us that:

“Language students can learn and apply IT to design everything we want”


“Presentation is never difficult for anyone who have a big passion”.

And I would concentrate more about her behaviors with CECers. Miss Yen has also a good leadership. This is partly illustrated by her behaviors with CECers. She is so kind and easy-going that all of us love her so much. We aways remember the time she lives together with us at all precious and memorable moments of CEC. Eventhough she lives very far from school, she always try to stay with us to complete all work of CEC before each important events. She can also do all work we do like decoration, cleaning, writing and etc.

She eats together, shares together with us and understand our thought carefully.

Oneday, I made a very big mistake, but instead of shouting at me, she only told me that:

“Everyone has mistakes, so don’t worry! You will be better if you try to learn more from our life and try to control yourself.”

That was such an emotional encouragement to me, which is strong enough to delete all my sadness and upset situation .


Now I will mainly focus on her contribution for CEC.

Being the vice-president of CEC for a term, she made all efforts to protect and develop CEC together with Miss. Ngan and Miss. Linh. All importants events of CEC controlled by Mr. Phung Huy and the board of CEC were mentioned at the last post, so I only want to hightlight on her most different contributions. They are “designing” and “presentation”.

To CEC, it is very important to educate for all CECers at all necessary skills.

CECers always need good mirrors to look at, follow and learn from them. Some of us, like me, are really short of ability in designing and presentation, but thanks to Miss. Yen, we really feel that we can get over all our fear to conquer all tops we want. It seems that:

Miss.Yen is a great guide who opens a new outlook about what we always think that we cannot do”.

She has made CEC stronger and stronger!

And now I am here to write about Miss Yen, one of my biggest idol, manager as well as my sister.

Life is always like this, that, here or there.

But I will never mind because I am happy of her. I am proud of her. She is realy a kind and respectful vice-president. She raises me up.


Thank you so much for what you did for CECers or CEC! Thank you for opening my mind! And I am always grateful of what you taught me!

Life is more and more beautiful because of such great people like you!

Praise the best for you! Wish you have a good career and a happy life!

Your little sister.

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