The Board of CEC (Part 3)- Miss Thuy Linh

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I really want to laugh as much as possible now, cause I am about to write about one of my most precious sisters at university. Destiny has given me a chance to meet her, who I used to hate so much at the first time I met her at the interview of CEC, -Who is this crazy sister? -Where is she from? -Why is she so ugly?
The Board of CEC (Part 3)- Miss Thuy Linh

I asked myself  those questions after suddenly hearing her loud voice to look for somebody! I did not have a good impression on her at the first time, which was so funny. And one day, when I became official member of CEC, so surprised I was to know that she-Tran Thi Thuy LinhMiss Sau Xau is the vice-president of CEC.

-Is it true? -Really? I once again asked myself. And it was not wrong, but right!


I used to be afraid of her so much. Cause I used to be allergic of her such loud voice and big eyes. However, she was very nice in Vietnamese Dress at International Conference in May, 2012. She was really beautiful, and I changed my mind of her since that event. To manage the receptionists group of CEC at the conference, she together with Miss Ngan- president and Miss Yen-vice president,  were all hard.

Not talk about my own story about her anymore, let know clearly her background.

Her full name is Tran Thi Thuy Linh, she is now the fourth-year-student at Thai Nguyen Faculty of Foreign Languages. Her majors are both English and Chinese.

She is really a famous student at my school, cause she is not only a manager of her crowded class with more than 100 students but also a big cadres managing many other classes at my school. In addition, she is well known for her position at CEC– a vice president.

About her character, I can only summarize by one word “strange”, and a little “different”  from all managers I have met. If you only talk to her some times, or simply look at her and hear what she says, you may misunderstand her. Cause you need to be her real friends, talk to her deeply to understand her nice soul. Sometimes, ah maybe often, she shouts at us or speaks something uneasy to hear, which makes somebody unhappy. However, deeply in her mind is really sweet emotion and hope she praises  for everybody. I can understand this, cause I used to get over the time I feel  afraid of her.

One day, when I was on facebook, she chatted to me:

-Huong! -Yes, I am here! -Today I want to talk to you! -Yes, sir!

-I would recommend you that you should respect yourself more and more by managing yourself better! For instance, try to speak only the reasonable things, not kidding too much. Moreover, remember not to share any information carelessly cause this may harm you!

And I thought of myself more strictly. She taught and helped me to grow up!

Day by day, she helped me recognize that she considered me to be her real younger-sister! She shared with me my sadness! She, like a very close little mother to me at university, cause there is many things at university my mom does not know, but she knows, and she encourages me everyday, not only by speeches but by what she has been doing.

And she may behave to all her staff like me at CEC like that.

She is also a big cadres at “student union” at FFL-my school, and here is the comments of Mr. Dang Quang Huy-a great teacher at FFL:

-“Ah, Thuy Linh is such an energetic and enthusiastic person together with Mr. Vu. She has not been absent at any work of our Faculty as well as “Student Union”. Therefore, she will get point 10 for her great enthusiasm. And about work results, er…to myself, she really does a good job”.


I totally agree with her, she is really a talented person. She not only completes well her duty at “Student Union” but also at CEC.

Another aspect, do you know she is a very skillful singer and dancer? I’m sure that she is also famous for her beautiful voice and nice dance. She takes part in most music or dance programs and contests of Thai Nguyen University generally and FFL particularly like: “Aerobic Contest-Thai Nguyen University”, “The second English Festival at TNUT”,…Moreover, she is also a great actress who acts as main characters in some plays, and her most impressing play in my mind was when she acted like a fair at “A Dump Princess” of CEC. I remember when she step out the stage, all audiences clapped their hands and laughed happily.


Having been members of CEC since the first day CEC was founded and being vice-president for CEC for about one year, Miss. Thuy Linh has contributed so much for the development of CEC.

She is responsible for managing the finance of CEC. It seems that she works as a professional  accountant who always prepares all papers related to the finance to hold some activities, programs as well as events of CEC. This is not easy work like we often think. She has to have a clear mind to manage all jumping numbers! Besides, she also manages all members of CEC like Miss Ngan and Miss Yen, she taught us to dance or to act. I remember when we were preparing for the second English Festival 2012 at TNUT, I used to have a thought of giving up my character at the play “A Dump Princess”  because of its difficulties. However, she encouraged me to get over my fear, but in a very “strange” speech:

-Huong, you want to stop, or you want to continue! And CEC, if you don’t like, I will call the manager of the second English Festival to draw our attention, what do you want!

Such a different and strict encouragement, but made us believe in ourselves to try again.


Now, she is still vice-president of CEC, she stills works together with Miss Ngan and Miss Yen to lead CEC to get one-by-one success. At the time we were preparing for “The Knowledge Quest 2013 ”, she was so busy with some duties at our faculty, so she couldn’t spend much time on CEC. However, she tried to contribute for CEC at some work she can do despite her busy time. Look at her happy, but a liittle sad at “The Knowledge Quest 2013”, I guessed she was unhappy because she thought she hadn’t done much for this event.

After the event finished successfully, she sent her great congratulations to CEC on facebook. She also said “sorry” for not contributing much for it.

However, we all know that, she has tried her best, “The Knowledge Quest 2013” has been successful by not only all efforts of CEC but also by many great performances of many interesting student artists coming from my school and other schools , some of whom, she invited to perform at “The Knowledge Quest 2013” cause she was also a staff of “Student Union” of FFL.

We all know that she has done a good job during her time of being a vice-president of CEC.  We are all able to touch all her hope and dreams for CEC as well as FFL.

And I would like to end this post with tears falling down my cheeks! What I want to say is that I do not only consider her to be my manager at CEC but also my real sister, who let me believe in such a nice life like this even though sometimes there are some accident troubles!

Best wishes for Miss.Thuy Linh-a special vice-president of CEC!

Praise the best for you!

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