The Close Friends Circle of CEC!

Thứ tư - 26/09/2012 06:50
Accidentally opening my camera folder, I saw some precious photos of 2 guests coming from Fulbright Scholarship Programs. They are Miss. Giang and Miss. Chi. It is luckier for me to find out the clip I filmed when they were doing their presentation
The Close Friends Circle of CEC!

Being young-women-lecturer at Ha Noi National Languages University, they had to try as much as possible. Concretely, they made all efforts in order to get big scholarships of Fulbright Global Scholarships. Because of getting much precious experience and success after a long time studying in America, they volunteered to come to my school together with many staff in Fulbright Organization so as to bring a new wage to all students. What they wanted to do is to raise nice dreams for us during our studying process.

Watching again their presentation, I still admire them so much. They are still young, enthusiastic and filled with hope. They tried to express everything as friendly as possible.

First of all, they shared with us about their eye-opening chance when studying in America. For instance, they have to approach with the new methods of both learning and teaching. They have to learn at least a subject related to American Culture such as: politics or literature. Besides, it was so great for them to be able to choose any favorite subject. Hence, in their opinion, they had such a good chance to study many subjects they had never been able to be taught in Vietnam.

But they inspired us with more exciting information. They said that: “Learning in American is quite different from Vietnam, not only in studying but also in other things. For instance, they were able to live in a big campus with many foreign students from many places around the world. Sometimes, they could attend some festivals or enjoy some special customs of Islam people. They also wore Vietnamese Traditional Dress in order to bring Vietnamese Culture to the world.

And I was most impressed with one speech Miss. Giang and Miss. Chi made: “Many American people think that Vietnamese People hate them because of the war!” I really wanted to cry when listening this. It opened my mind that American people were lovely and friendly. And Miss. Giang, Miss. Chi explained to make American people understand that: “At the present, we are close friends”. They seemed to love Vietnam more through their speeches and they were great enough to connect two countries in spite of some incidents between each other in the past.

Another impressing thing Miss. Giang and Miss. Chi sent to us is their view of American life: “America is not as rich as you think!” There are still the existences of slums at some corners, where the poor always need more support from community. Miss Giang and Miss Chi usually spent their day-off coming to visit the slums. They were so kind-hearted that they helped the poor do all work like planting the garden, cleaning the breeding facilities or played together with children and teach children learn. After all, I believe that they are symbols of Vietnamese people, who are rich of kindness and charity.

There were many students from not only Thai Nguyen Faculty of Foreign Languages but also from Thai Nguyen gifted high-schools attended that meeting. And nearly half of the participants are members of CEC. It took my view that CEC had a good chance to broaden the knowledge about Fulbright Scholarship from both friendly staff and Miss. Chi, Miss. Giang. What they expressed has warmed CEC’s heart for such a long time! Looking at Miss. Giang and Miss. Chi’ innocent eyes, listening to their great presentation, we could learn from them the great techniques when doing a presentation. But more and more important, they has opened our eyes that: “going abroad to learn is not only to learn the majors or subjects we like, but also to learn how to love people more and how to behave better with people more. This encourages CEC too much that: “We are driving our ship in a right direction-do more and dedicate more for community”. Life is not only to receive, but also to share and connect the friend circles around the world!

If you are sublte enough, you will realize that “the meeting with Fulbright Scholarship Programs” is really a form of talk show CEC has been carrying out. We always make all efforts so as to learn more from others, share more to others and make more close friends circles around Vietnam and around the world.

That makes CEC different from any English Clubs in Vietnam.

(memory about an event hold by Fulbright Vietnam in Thai Nguyen on May, 13 2012)

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