The Most Impressing Mid-Autumn Festival!

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Instead of holding a Mid-Autumn-Festival at Faculty of Foreign Languages – TNU as we did last year, CEC decided to jointly held a meaningful Mid-Autumn Festival for more than 650 pupils of Tan Lap Primary School, Thai Nguyen.
Ngân Trần
Ngân Trần

1. The preparation

The leadership of CEC carefully made a distinct plan including decoration-work and performance at Tan Lap Primary School. CEC decided to perform a comedy named: “Save the moon!”. And maybe all CEC artists of the comedy had to work very hard. Concretely, they spent many hours discussing about the script and practicing together. Besides, it took CECers not a little time to cut and paste the colorful papers so as to decorate the font of Mid-Autumn Festival stage at Tan Lap School. Generally, everything had been prepared for a week before the official festival.

2) The journey to Tan Lap Primary started

At 2.30 p.m on September  28, 2012 , twenty members of CEC gathered at Thieu Sinh Quan. Then we all walked together to the bus stop to catch the bus. At 3.30 p.m, we came at Tan Lap. It was when our mission was carried out!

3) Completing all work before the event

CEC quickly combined with volunteer club of Thai Nguyen University of Technology and Industry to decorated the stage with many familiar details of Mid-Autumn Festival in Vietnam like bamboo, the moon, star-lantern, five-fruit-tray, balloons and pictures of children. Despite the fact that the stage was being decorated, all characters of comedy “save the moon” practiced again and again to master their stage. At that time, Miss. Huong was busy with correcting the script. Everything seemed so hurried that all people tried to finish everything quickly and effectively.It was 5 p.m and we finished decorating the stage. All characters in the comedy” save the moon” began making up. Not only members of CEC but also the leadership gave a hand to make up for CEC artists.

It was so amazing when Mr. Phung Huy appeared. His appearance seemed to be a big motivation to all of us. The atmosphere was so exciting! We did have a great time when taking photos together thanks to Mr. Phung Huy’ s hands!

4) The moments of out breaking and shining

The event officially happened at haft past 6 p.m. After two previous performances excellently preformed by Tan Lap pupils, CEC pointed their outstanding position with the comedy “save the moon”.

The comedy is a humorous mix of 6 sorts of the characters: chu cuoi, chi hang, witch, pirates, students, children. In addition, it was also a educational mix of all human’s qualities: innocent, gracefully, lovely, funny, cruel, violent. Moreover, the ingenious combination between the good and the evil inspired all audiences so much! This was expressed by their reception through loud applause, crispy smile and cheers! Generally, the comedy was successful to warm-up the atmosphere of the festival.

Besides the success of  building a good program like decorating a beautiful stage and performing a good comedy, two the MC-Chi Hang and Chu Cuoi of CEC  were lovely and friendly to inspire the audiences! There was some trouble; however, they really did a good job thanks to the encouragements from Mr. Phung Huy and CEC family.

5) The time of wide friendship

It was 8.30 pm and this was time for all children at Tan Lap Primary School to “Pha Co” “(an important traditional activity of Vietnamese at Mid-Autumn Festival, when people begin hold a party with fruits, moon-cake, candies and so on for children ). Chi Hang and Chu Cuoi of CEC were pleased to help Tan Lap children bring a big tray which are full of fruits and cakes in this activities. It was a pity that all children had to come back home earlier than CEC members. While lovely children came back their home with their parents, CEC and Volunteer Club hold a small party to “pha co” together! We sang many well-known songs of many Vietnamese young generations like: “Green summer, The belief of winning or The road to your Dream!” Furthermore, we promised to see each other again at other events! Although we did not have much time to understand each other, we feel interested in each other so much. It took my view that there would be a great cooperation between two clubs in the future!

6) The echo of such a interesting Mid-Autumn-Festival at Tan Lap Primary School

At 9 p.m, CECers  came back by taxi with excited but regrettable status. After that, hundreds pictures of great moments of CEC at Tan Lap primary school was shared on facebook and other forms of telecommunication. Mr Phung Huy was so wonderful to take many special moments of CEC at this event. More and more specially, he updated the comedy “save the moon” we performed at Tan Lap on You Tube, so that many students in Thai Nguyen Faculty of foreign languages could watch it indirectly!

In conclusion, the most meaningful thing CEC did was to celebrate successfully a Mid-Autumn Festival for Tan Lap Primary School with no asking for payments. And after all, CEC connected all hearts filled up with not only the strong passion but also energetic spirit and innocent love for community!

That was such a simple principle but strong enough to make CEC develop despite the difficulties!

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