Together Everyone Achieves More

Thứ bảy - 08/12/2012 07:15
No matter what the weather condition is, CEC members are energetic to come and enjoy the weekly meeting. No matter how many attendants there are, we have it carried out. No matter what the activities are, we all enjoy and share together. Such sweet words may not be enough to describe the enthusiasm of those who are deserve to the true meaning of the phrase “CEC Souls”. Your great support and contributions are highly appreciated and recognized by all of us.
Together Everyone Achieves More



Here came our attendants – CEC Souls

This morning, despite the coldness of a winter morning, we were at the venue quite on time. We was a bit pity that there opened no room at school. However, the fact did prove that we were so much flexible and creative. After seeking for some places, we decided to have the meeting outside. At first, it rained a bit, but the rain could not stop us from enjoying what we were waiting and looking for.


Prepare before the game

Immediately, a small but meaningful game was carried out with the aim of getting everyone ready for the rest, and making them warmer. This game challenged them to listen carefully to the order, then react as soon as they could. We stood in a circle and list some features on the appearance of someone. If one has that feature, he was required to switched his position. If he could not make it, a punishment was waiting for him.


Hey! Give us a little time to rehearse before performing like models

The result did not disappoint player, we got 5 students breaking the rules and waiting for a sever punishment from others. After a while, we mad up our mind that we would sing some songs and those who broke the rule had to stand in a line and walk like models on the catwalk until we finished singing. The game and punishment brought about much pleasure and we all felt happy.


Okay, share ideas, discuss carefully, and keep our situation confidential

With the aim of creating a convenient environment for members to perfect the speaking, listening skills and enhance their confident when speaking in front of many people as well as give them chances to test their problem solving skill, they were offered an interesting activity. It was their requirement to build a short popular situation that could happen at class, and act it out. Five groups were immediately formed and they started collaborating and discussing together. Each group had its own idea and its own ways of performing. When 10 minutes for discussion and preparation has gone, they performed in turn.


Mischievous students and an evil teacher

The first group did impress the audience with a very interesting and common situation. Students were cheating under many special methods during the exam. Someone put their material in their coat’s pocket, someone wrote on their hands, and even someone put a piece of paper in their smelly shoes. The teacher was so strict, he punished all students those who cheated during exam time. All people at the meeting loved their ways of acting in terms of facial expression, body movement, and eyes contact. All were awesome, fantastic and spectacular.


The most wonderful actor and actress voted by the audience

Then, we kept going on to the next groups, and each of them did bring a specialty to the meeting. All of them were creative and talented.


Together Everyone Achieves More

With CEC, we have great time together, we learn and share together, and we develop together.

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