“Tri Tue Ngoai Ngu” – the place for knowledge and emotion

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“Tri Tue Ngoai Ngu” – the place for knowledge and emotion
After careful preparation of all CEC members, “Tri Tue Ngoai Ngu” contest – the second version has been took place successfully at Resource Center, Thai Nguyen University at 7p.m on January, 4th, 2013. “Tri Tue Ngoai Ngu” is a special contest with the aim of creating a valuable game for students to share knowledge and show their talents. It was born in 2011 organized by Community English Club with the permission and support of Faculty of Foreign Languages, Thai Nguyen University. This contest was based on the version of a favorite game show on TV named “Rung  Chuong Vang” and this was the second version with a big scale and careful preparation that brought many emotions for many people.  With the participation of 50 out standing candidates selected from different classes of Faculty of Foreign Languages, Thai Nguyen University, the contest became really hot with the enthusiastic encouragements of all hundreds of students. Apart from this, it was our honor that there  were the presence of our invited guests: Tran Thi Nhi –Vice Dean of Faculty of Foreign Languages, Thai Nguyen University and Thieu Trung Hieu – Head of Project Management and International Cooperation with nearly  15 lecturers coming to this contest to encourage candidates.

The successful second version of “Tri Tue Ngoai Ngu” contest was partly due to big efforts of all CEC members and it was also because of the excellent ways of controlling the program of 2 MCs – Pham Van Vu – the last year student of English – Chinese Education K31 and Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy – the second year student of  English – French Bachelor K34.
With the investment of sound and light quality, performances at the beginning of the contest for reducing pressure (dancing and singing) in the room became exciting and attracted many attentions of people, even candidates. The contest was held strictly with 8 students belonging to organizers of this program that have responsibility of ensuring its fairness.There were 3 people belonging to the secretary group to give and check the correct answers. The questions was in confidential by one group of organizers and they were been revealed when MC began to read questions. All most questions were knowledge related to these fields: culture, history, literature, common knowledge, etc. With correct answers, foreign language students also proved that they were not only good at their major but also knew much knowledge about different fields.

About lecturers, they showed their friendliness and youth through a game with balloons to help students come back the contest after being rejected because of wrong answers. The atmosphere became more and more interesting with situation questions performed by CEC members and an English question of Mr. Scott– the foreign lecturer at Faculty of Foreign Languages, Thai Nguyen University.  However, the atmosphere of the contest became more stressful after many candidates had wrong questions and were out of the contest. Moreover, there was only 2 candidates on the  competitive floor. They were Loc Van Thieu with number 40 and Nguyen Thi Huong Anh with number 35. Finally, Loc Van Thieu – student of English Education K33 defeated his opponents and became the only person that could  continue going to the finish – ringing the bell for winner. He received a special help from the program with the “SOS” signal and was more and more closer to the bell. Unluckily, he had to stop the contest at the 14th  question  with a little wrong arrangement. He was awarded the certification for the second place and Nguyen Thi Huong Thanh was for the third place. They were proud when Tran Thi Nhi- Vice Dean of Faculty of Foreign Language, Thai Nguyen University who was the person that gave certification for them. Although the second version “Tri Tue Ngoai Ngu”  ended with no the first place, no person to ring a bell, we could recognize that this version became more professional and successful. “ Moreover, we learned many things from preparation to organizationprocess.  It was true that some one said that: “The important thing to organize this program is not to find the person who can ring a bell; the more important thing is that we come here to challenge ourselves to improve knowledge. In general, it is only a game that has winner and loser. However, it is the fact that it is a special game, a game for knowledge, but knowledge is unlimited when our knowledge is limited. It is not easy for us to give all correct answers, go to the finish and “ring a bell”. Therefore, we are all winners, no loser”. However, we still hope that the next version will become better and we will find a person who can ring a bell. Congratulate CEC club on the successful organization of the second version “Tri Tue Ngoai Ngu” and welcome to the next version!!!!

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