What Makes CEC Different from Other Clubs?

Chủ nhật - 30/09/2012 06:53
What Makes CEC Different from Other Clubs?

The first difference is about the organization.

It is a great combination between board of leaders and core members. It means that free members have to try and practice or contribute as much as possible to become core members. Similarly, core members who don’t often come to offline meeting and attend CEC’s activities will come back again the position of free members.

Generally, members have to be aware of their responsibility, so that the quality of members is good enough to make club strongly develop under the leadership’s control.

The second difference is about activities, programs and projects of CEC.

CEC has many big and high-quality activities, programs and projects which other clubs don’t have. For instance, they are “Tri tue ngoai ngu”, “talkshow”, “em yeu tieng anh” and many forms of telecommunication for all people to update information of CEC like “Blog Voices of CEC” or “CEC-bilingual magazine”.Besides, CEC has been successfully carrying “talkshow” and “CEC-bilingual magazines”.

And through a plentiful of meaningful activities, CEC has been creating good condition and environment for CECers to develop themselves naturally and perfectly!

Members can take part in any activities, programs or projects they feel interested. For example, they can be an MC at a program, like Chi Hang and Chu Cuoi in Mid Autum Festival at Tan lap high school. Similarly, they can be an actor or actress at any play (like play Giai Cuu Chi Hang two nights ago).

In addition, they can express their idea and hope naturally at club, then the leadership and the rest members will help them carry out their hope. For example, members can do a presentation or hold some games at offline meetings.

More and more interesting, they are trained not only English skills but also soft skills and IT skills. For instance, 15 members in writing group have a chance to improve their writing skills. Similarly, 15 members in designing groups can develop their ability in designing. And more closely, all members can learn how to use google doc, google+.

Thanks to that active precept, all members gradually become more active and perfect. Come to CEC and they can not only improve their English but also have a chance to discover their deep abilities. Moreover, they are trained other necessary skills for their future job and their life.

Another difference is the admirable solidarity of CEC

CEC is really a full house, a happy family. We talk and behave to each other like we are friends, brothers and sisters of each other. For instance, at the time we were preparing for the programs at Tan Lap primary school. Although we were too tired, we always encouraged each other to get over difficulties to gain the success! I remembered Miss Ngan and Miss Yen bought food for us and we ate dinner together! That was really a big memory in all CEC members’ mind. More and more, when the performances was about to begin, not only core members but also the leadership helped us make up and prepare the costumes.

All illustrated that we always do everything together and we communicate, behave with each other like we are a big family. No distances, no distinction.

And the last difference is expressed in the precept of CEC: do more and work more for community!

You know, we don’t work to earn money but to bring our heart to community by our heart and charity through volunteer activities.


We are educated to be good people who always get ready to help each other. First of all, we learn to help people in the clubs. There is a simple example that during the process of carrying out CEC-bilingual magazine, one group is responsible for writing and other group help writing group correct their products. Furthermore, at Tan lap primary school, we volunteered to decorate everything in the programs and we brought an interesting play for children without asking any profits. It seems to be a truth that the most valuable payments for all CEC members are efforts, love and experience.

After all, we gradually work more and more for society like Mr. Phung Huy told us “happiness is giving happiness to others!”

That is all making CEC different from any clubs. Come to CEC and not only your English but also yourselves are better.

Finally, I believe that you will attend the next off-line meeting of CEC after reading my post.

I wish all of you a great Mid-Autumn Festival season.

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